What sets us apart from our peers is that we put our relationships first, offer solutions built around your needs and use technology to further our value add to you. Holton Electric delivers that value through offering full spectrum electrical services.

▪ General Service and Maintenance
▪ 24-7 Emergency Service

▪ Equipment Additions and Changes
▪ Preventative Maintenance

▪ Infrared Scanning and Arc Flash Assessments
▪ New Construction/Alterations

It doesn’t end there– check out some of our specialties below and let’s talk!


By now you’ve gathered what sets us apart from other teams. Our knowledge, response time, communication and technology is what you get packaged up as a resource for your manufacturing operation, office tower, school, city or multi-family housing campus. We’ve got you covered, whether that is installation of equipment, an Arc Flash Assessment, backup power generation, PLCs, motor controls or production line modifications. Whatever it might be, we are always at your call… an extension of your team.


Are you seeing more solar? Are you intrigued? There is a reason its prominence is increasing. It delivers benefits on various levels direct to the business unit, real estate holding company, or home residence. The motivation of our clients to go solar is multi-pronged. They have found going solar is both fiscally and environmentally advantageous. When you review our comprehensive ROI analysis you’ll find the viability of solar as an investment starts to raise to the top of your list. We plug building attributes into the equation alongside federal and utility incentives as well as tax advantages such as depreciation. There are options for 100% financing (such as through PACE—just ask us) as well and can often tie in the cost of roof replacement if it is a roof mounted array. The bottom line is that it is a win win for your pocketbook and mother earth. As a team we are driven to help our clients—and when we help with solar we are helping transform our energy ecosystem for the benefit of our economy and environment along the way.

Food and Restaurant Industry

Our team of experienced electricians service and maintain a host of clients related to food manufacturing and restaurants. Our long term clients continue to call upon us as we respond quickly, offer insight and get the job done. It takes dedication and thinking outside of the box to properly take care of food-focused clients, and we’ve earned that respect and trust. Customer service, excellent food and a great experience set your business apart– same with ours, less the food…


Holton Electric prides itself on taking care of and making safe educational institutions across the cities. We have a soft spot for this work as our kids, and your kids, are here everyday. Stepping outside the boots of a standard electrician is required to ensure the best solution is presented– even when it comes to service calls. Assisting in upgrading theatres, installing energy saving technology, enlightening classrooms, powering up shop equipment and seeing that new robotics lab go live bring us pride and joy. Taking care of schools and campuses is our way of investing in the future of our world. Students are encouraged to keep on learning, whatever that passion might be. We continue to learn too, so that we are on top of our game for your facility.


Holton Electric has been providing electric vehicle charging solutions to clients throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul region. We are proud of our work and are excited to be on the leading edge of electric vehicle charging.

Our charging solutions can be found in homes, businesses, educational institutions, office buildings and beyond. We work in unison with our local utility providers to ensure you receive an excellent end product– which requires streamlined communication with MVEC, Dakota Electric, Xcel and other local utilities. We understand their requirements and process well, which is key to getting that charger up and running.

Are you thinking about a charger(s) for your employees, tenants or business? With continuous increases year over year of electrical vehicle purchases and more traditional auto manufacturers entering the game, it isn’t a trend anymore it is reality. Let’s get charged up!